Spice boys  {•jojian•}

Spice boys {•jojian•}

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MITOCHONDRIA IS TH By miracleofjudaism Completed

Something about a skinny twink and a coin slot boi doing fun stuff together.

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88asains 88asains Aug 25, 2017
Joji doesn't want anyone to rain on him HAHA HAHA HAha......I want to die
AbigayleCausey AbigayleCausey May 19, 2017
Oh god it turned into cancer
                              Dear god
                              Oh my
                              I am cringing i must leave
                              Jesus christ
flowersforjish flowersforjish Jun 11, 2017
I am a cancerous faggot. You are a cancerous faggot. We all are cancerous faggots.
fIixing fIixing Jul 19, 2017
I dunno why but all the Jojian fanfics have either one of them saying the same thing, "Like what you see?" "Take a picture, it'll last longer." This freaks me out.