Spice boys  {•jojian•}

Spice boys {•jojian•}

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MITOCHONDRIA IS TH By spookycomet Completed

Something about a skinny twink and a coin slot boi doing fun stuff together.

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earl__ earl__ Aug 09
Hsjsjsjs what's with joji and rain in every fic , I ain't complaining tho
Joji doesn't want anyone to rain on him HAHA HAHA HAha......I want to die
Oh god it turned into cancer
                              Dear god
                              Oh my
                              I am cringing i must leave
                              Jesus christ
I am a cancerous faggot. You are a cancerous faggot. We all are cancerous faggots.
I dunno why but all the Jojian fanfics have either one of them saying the same thing, "Like what you see?" "Take a picture, it'll last longer." This freaks me out.
filthyfuckmi filthyfuckmi Aug 26, 2016
More than sure Real Frank will be in the next lore video.Chin-chin is not even a real god