Natsu X Reader Lemons [Discontinued]

Natsu X Reader Lemons [Discontinued]

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🔥E.N.D's Mate🔥 By _Tartaros_Etherious_ Completed

This book has the lemons from my book.

Most Wanted (Natsu X Reader)

So yeah you might want to read that book first or just read this book for fun. I don't care!

And maybe other Fairy Tail guys!

PepsiPetra PepsiPetra Nov 17, 2016
Natsu: U belong to yours truely...
                              Me: Yes, Ore-sama 😍😍
Say my naaame, say my name~(if you don't get this song reference fack you :3)
Be like an air mage and make it to where you won't need to pull apart *shrugs*
Ichi_the_Reaper Ichi_the_Reaper Dec 28, 2016
Oh gosh..
                              *starts singing 'Sugar we're going down' by Fall Out Boy*
                              WE'RE GOING DOWN DOWN
                              IN AN EARLIER ROUND
                              AND SUGAR WE'RE GOING DOWN SWINGIN'
                              Sorry, for some reason i just had to😌