Fourth Birth: An Oakmont Story

Fourth Birth: An Oakmont Story

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Oscar Hinklevitch By OscarHinklevitch Completed

[COMPLETE] Blessed, and cursed, with amazing and incomprehensible powers, Melanie and her parents struggle to find a safe place for her to learn, and to fit in. After nightmare scenarios in the public and private school settings, Oakmont Academy seemed to be a divine gift, open and accepting of Mel's academic prowess, and peculiarities.

Melanie soon discovers that there is something quite sinister about the modus operandi of the institution, and after undergoing grueling and horrendous trials, reaches deep within to find the strength to liberate herself and her closest comrade from the clutches of the school, and its military industrial complex overlords.

It will take everything Mel has and more to escape the specter and shadow of Oakmont, but with the aid of her father, friends, and a deep cathartic awakening of her potential, she will be ready for war unlike no-one has ever seen.

Readers should strap in for a mind-bending roller-coaster ride of a literary adventure when opening the cover of Fourth Birth, an epic adventure that will keep one's mind glued to the pages.

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