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Marvel Preferences

Marvel Preferences

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semi hiatus. By crownedloki Updated 4 days ago

In the Wattpad land, there are a lot of books like mine. So why should you read it?
I don't know, really, I don't. 

But if you decide to read it, please, prepare yourself for a lot of awkwardness and silliness.

 Characters in this preferences book:

-Steve Rogers 
-Tony Stark 
-Bruce Banner 
-Clint Barton 
-Pietro Maximoff 
-Bucky Barnes 
-Thor Odinson 
-Loki Laufeyson 
-Scott Lang 
-Peter Parker 
-Sam Wilson 

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#58 in fanfiction the 16.03.2017

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Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel (Unfortunately.)

It's ok. I will hold back my Grammar Nazi alter ego so as to not offend you. Besides, sometimes, I feel as though I am not even fluent in my own language because I often trip over my own words because I talk too fast.
BackUpCrazy BackUpCrazy May 27
Ooh ooh ooh could you please do female reader I'm gay so yeah
MusicNerd52201 MusicNerd52201 a day ago
It's ok, you're actually doing better than people who have English as their first language. And I've heard that the English language is the hardest language to learn.
Im bi so I'm totally open to it. Also, Nat is a fricken babe!
fieryangels fieryangels Dec 19, 2016
i'm bi and definitely gay for them so pls add my two babes in<3
Dragons-canbe-beaten Dragons-canbe-beaten Oct 03, 2016
just don't mention genders for the stories, that way it can be for guys and girls