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Scars (An Amourshipping Story)

Scars (An Amourshipping Story)

20.2K Reads 1K Votes 34 Part Story
AmourYA! By amourans Completed

Ash Ketchum lived a normal life, great friends, good grades, decent looking, until one day he found out the hard way..... he had Arrhythmia.

Pokelol123 Pokelol123 Aug 28, 2016
No wonder why im still  ten. That goddam side effect medicine did this
Sceptile799 Sceptile799 Aug 28, 2016
This is great...
                              I don't really like the arrhythmia/disease part though
                              It gives me the shivers😰
You aren't you when you're hungry. Snickers, get some chill Ash Ketchum.
Zaedin0001 Zaedin0001 Feb 02
Um making The main cast a bunch of disabled kids and making them all have some sort of disease is just bad man. That is the equivalent of insulting disabled people. I will keep reading to see if this is good or not.
Thanks for explaining it. I thought i was gonna have to go on webmd lol
Wow, l never knew that, thank you for explaining the condition!