Gay Smut Shots

Gay Smut Shots

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Daddy Of Smut By BoyxBoySmuttyness Updated Sep 11

Requests are available and I will write anything as long as it's gay.


1) Skype Call 

2) What Does DP Mean Brothers?

3) From BFF To BJs - Under Editing

4) A+ Student

5) Slut

6) Class Clown

7) Sickness

8) Wake Up Call

9) Road Head

10) 100K Read 10K Word Special - In Works

11) Locker Room

12) Dear Cousin

13) The Bathhouse

14) Anniversary

15) Bondage With Mr. Mendes

16) Rape Scene
17) Ice Play With Victor

18) Microphilla

19) Potion

20) Fairy 

21) Friends - In Works

22) For Bail (My Personal Favourite)

23) Ruin Me

24) Birthday Surprise

25) Payback Is Sometimes A Bitch

26) My First Smut Ever Please Love Me, I'm Desperate For Reads [April Fools Prank]

27) Firsts - In Works

28) Twin Subs

29) Famous - In Works

30) Hysteria 

31) Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned - In Works

32) I Said No

33) Spidypool - In Works

34) Split - In Works

35) Pregnant

36) No Jerking Off - In Works

37) Heat

38) Can't Forget - In Works

Wait can you do one where a ghost does it with a human? Like the human is sexually frustrated for whatever reason and then the ghost just shows up as if he was expecting it or waiting for it?
What about the cookies you were about to bake😭😫😢😖🍪
liliana1468 liliana1468 Jun 20
I have this really really REALLY kinky story in my head. Im afraid to suggest it lol
Any here I was, thinking Jake was a cinnamon roll.
                              It's a smut story, what was I thinking?
Candy frenzy....white tiles.....color switch......OMG there's to many!!!!!!!!!😨😂
Meanwhile, Jeff, in the cubicle next to Tod's, is wondering what the hell is going on.