The day you vanished| Reader x Rogue|✔️

The day you vanished| Reader x Rogue|✔️

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Pineapples By NaLu4Lyfe03 Completed

You and Rogue were dating for quite a long time but lately he's been caught up in his work to notice you've joined a Guild named Fairy Tail.

You were one of the selected mages to compete in the S class trials on tenrou and had been missing for 7 years.

In those 7 years Rogue  joined SaberTooth to cope in the pain of losing you...not knowing why since he never paid attention.

How will you both react at the GMG?

Can you forgive him?

coco2u4ever coco2u4ever Jul 18
First name: Luna
                              Last name: Vermilion
                              Hair colour: dirty white with red steaks
                              Eye colour: purple
Name: Flame Dragneel  
                              Hair: Long jet black hair like zerif  
                              Eyes: Sky blue
Name : Kira Mizuki
                              Eye Colour : gold
                              Hair colour : Dark orange
                              Hair Length : Medium
SkyeZombie SkyeZombie Aug 03
First Name: Skye
                              Last Name: Zenna
                              Hair: Long curly blue hair
                              Eyes: Pale blue with a tint of purple
First name: Black
                              Last name: Faith
                              Hair color: Black and blond
                              Eye color: left Purple right Blue
Name: Lauren Stone
                              Hair color/length: Light brown that fades into dark brown at the end/goes to the back of her knee
                              Eye color: Lilac with a green heart shaped pupil