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The day you vanished| Reader x Rogue|✔️

The day you vanished| Reader x Rogue|✔️

9.5K Reads 449 Votes 23 Part Story
Muffins By NaLu4Lyfe03 Completed

You and Rogue were dating for quite a long time but lately he's been caught up in his work to notice you've joined a Guild named Fairy Tail.

You were one of the selected mages to compete in the S class trials on tenrou and had been missing for 7 years.

In those 7 years Rogue  joined SaberTooth to cope in the pain of losing you...not knowing why since he never paid attention.

How will you both react at the GMG?

Can you forgive him?

FTanimelover FTanimelover Dec 29, 2016
Ayama kimiko almost like my original OC from Lucy Leaves Fairy Tail.
KimmyGalaxy KimmyGalaxy Oct 14, 2016
Oh? Did I skip this part? ^•^ Oh well, you know mine...I'm just sayin' :0