The Flash  [Book Two]

The Flash [Book Two]

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Following the defeat of Barry Allen's arch nemesis Eobard Thawne, A.K.A Reverse-Flash...It picks up Six months later after the singularity attacked Central City, Barry is still struggling to forgive himself for Eddie's death. Concerned about putting his friends in danger, Barry has pushed everyone away, including Emma. He has chosen to protect the city on his own....but what happens when new meta-humans start showing up along side a new speedster with terrible news of a new threat to Central City. So read and find out how they defeat this new threat. 

The Flash Season 2

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RandomFandom245 RandomFandom245 Jun 17, 2017
                              Pun intended there too!
yt_bway_galore yt_bway_galore Aug 04, 2017
That's interesting that it was seen in a comic book because Batman is in the DCverse yet he was in a comic book and they didn't know who superman and Supergirl were until the stumbled upon that earth. Curiouser and curiouser
RandomFandom245 RandomFandom245 Jun 17, 2017
Not your son. No. But your kid? Sure.
                              Honestly, that was some stupid-ass logic they used.
KerranceMann KerranceMann May 03, 2017
This scene makes me so sad bcs Clarissa doesn't say anything which is mean