The Death of Me

The Death of Me

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Leslie Lee Sanders By LLSanders Updated Sep 30, 2016

{{{ON HOLD}}} As Daniel Scott and Thomas Rein's feelings for each other grow, the threat to their new and unique friendship does as well.
Daniel and Thomas concoct a plan to fake Thomas's death, hoping it will prompt the townspeople into changing their outdated views on same sex relationships. But their plan is botched, resulting in a tragic accident. And as the town mourns Thomas's death, Daniel is convinced that the mishap was all a part of Thomas's prank and refuses to rest until he finds his best friend safe and sound, even if it takes over his life. 

Where is Thomas and did he really manage to pull off the perfect hoax?

Copyright © 2016 by Leslie Lee Sanders.

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- - Sep 07, 2016
I really like this! The beginning is definitely different, and I'm all for it! Liking it so far!!
SomebodyXXXXX SomebodyXXXXX Sep 15, 2016
I know this is just the prologue but I'm loving the book already XD 
                              So glad to see that this isn't one of those stories that repeats over and over again so keep it up!!❤️❤️
IanRCooper IanRCooper Sep 21, 2016
Intriguing build-up to begin with. I like the insight into the character's motivation.
aml81613 aml81613 Sep 09, 2016
Love your imagery! I felt like I could feel that water the way you described it.
abiran1995 abiran1995 Sep 15, 2016
nice beginning. definitely a few questions already in my head about whats happening.