Crystal Academy

Crystal Academy

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Welcome to Crystal Academy, a school for anyone and everyone. Have a craving for blood? Love running in the woods? Need rare ingernets for that potion? How about a place to let out all of that rage? Crystal Academy has everything you'll ever need or want. Just becareful, some of our students have anger issues.

After years of being on the run and dening what she truly is, Mika has decided to enroll at Crystal Academy, one of the seven great academies of the World of Night. It is here she hopes to learn to control and accept her powers, along with locating her parents' killer. But what she discovers is worst then she ever imaged. Faced with lying, betrayal, and being hunted once again. Mika doesn't know who she can trust or believe. Old and new friends and enemies via for her alliance. To bad for them, Mika's only alliance is to herself. High school is bad enough when your a teenager. It's gets ten times worst when your a non-human teenager dealing with bloodlust and everyone trying to kill you. But that's just another normal day for Mika. 

*Highest ranking in paranormal #91
(This is a story I wrote in high school. I'm posting it here unedited, mistakes and all, to see if I should contiune the story.)

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storywys storywys Oct 01, 2016
It has potential so far.  You should revisit it and begin editing.