Why are you calling me? // maxmoefoe x reader

Why are you calling me? // maxmoefoe x reader

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lol By meg_drowned Updated May 25, 2017

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"(y/n)?" max questions in a surprised tone, probably expecting you to hang up on him.

"why are you calling me max?" you roll your eyes even though you know that max can't see you do it.

"well for one you're my girlfriend..." max trails off sounding slightly hurt at your question.

"and I kind of have no where to stay since the house I was renting got burnt down." he trips over his words as if he was scared that you'd hang up before he finished his sentence.

"so you're asking-"

"if I can stay over at your house. you did live at mine for about two months so.." max cuts you off and chuckles slightly at the end.

"you're lucky I love you, Max Stanley" you mutter through the phone, pushing yourself out of bed so you can clean up the trail of destruction you've left in your house. 

"one more thing" he says and clears his throat.

"what?" you sigh while bending as you scoop up the empty cans and crisp packets on the floor.

"I might be on your door step..." he laughs nervously as you hear a knock at the front door.

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Finnsboo Finnsboo Feb 07, 2017
That is my favourite prank call ever.
                              'Sevey elvy, how I help you?'