A Trip » Niall Horan

A Trip » Niall Horan

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"And now what? You're going to kill us? All of us?" I said, still trembling

"Well.. Actually, Al, that's exactly what we're going to do" , someone said 

And, sadly, that was the moment when I realised that this 'someone' was Celine

"Celine?" Niall said shocked 

"How could you have been so foolish, Niall? I'm not crazy, of course! All this time I was just acting!" she yelled at him

"Oh no.." I whispered 

"Now, say goodbye, my beautiful sunsines!" she said with a huge smile on her pale face

And for the first time in my whole life, I thought that this was the end.
And all these because of a silly trip. 

• It's a greek fanfiction, everyone •

Φαίνεται ενδιαφέρον 😏 πάω στο επόμενο 😊
saaab_mendes saaab_mendes Dec 26, 2016
I was going to read one your story, to u know give the "favor" back but then I saw this^^😂💕
mariats1directtwi mariats1directtwi 3 days ago
Τώρα που το λέμε,θέλω να φάω ντολμαδάκια!!😢😂
VaiaTokmaki VaiaTokmaki Dec 29, 2016
Καλυτερο διαλογο δεν εχω ξαναδει χαχα!!! <3