The Red Hood • Jason Todd

The Red Hood • Jason Todd

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" you are my sunshine, my only sunshine. 

you make me happy when skies are grey. 

you'll never know dear, how much I Love You. 

please don't take my sunshine away "

•Growing up means change, and unfortunately some changes are worse than others. Cora Wayne must learn this, and face the fact that Jason Todd is not who he use to be •

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maximoffhawt maximoffhawt Aug 08, 2017
Batman didn't kill the joker because without him his life would be meaningless. Batman wants to make it "fun" by keeping him alive.
The moment he lost all hope and reality struck in that he was going to die, that’s when i started crying
MLB_fanfic MLB_fanfic Sep 21, 2017
This is one of the two movies that have ever made me cry. This and Furious 7.
Shiros_Waifu Shiros_Waifu Mar 30, 2017
Me when I think its my best friend calling but it's really a telemarketer
This scene killed me!!! Even though I knew it was gonna happen.
Only child of Bruce Wayne??? What about Damian Wayne. Heir to the demon. Son of batman. Son of talia al ghul . Granson of Raas al ghul. The best robin. Last protege to the original batman.