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Don't You Dare Jungkook

Don't You Dare Jungkook

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Niko By Niko-san Updated Jun 30

Min Yoongi, the owner of a small flower shop called, "Sugar Petals." It was a small shop but it was neat, petite, and beautiful. Unlike the flowers that bloomed there though, Yoongi all his life has never really "bloomed" to his full potential. Why? Love. Yoongi has been in relationships before, but somehow, they never work out. He dates someone and a few months later, they dump him. Believe it or not, it hurts his pride. Yeah, he's a bit short and isn't the most social of people but that doesn't mean he can't love right? That's what he thought. The last girlfriend that Yoongi had was the longest he's had. A whole three years, but one day, she just left. He really thought this would be it. His true love, but she left Yoongi to feel miserable and think of what he did wrong. He did just that but still couldn't figure it out. 
       "I did it again." Yoongi sighs.
       Yoongi one day is met with a new employee named Jungkook and his life takes a turn. Jungkook, a cheerful person on the outside when meeting with people but slowl turns mischievous and evil when finally made friends. Yoongi thinks he's cursed. Why Jeon Jungkook of all people?
  Will Jungkook make Yoongi feel loved again or will it be the same like every other relationship he's had. Except, Yoongi has never had a relationship with a guy before.
  NOTE: There will be future smut so, please be patient since it'll be my first attempt and I have a strong belief against cussing. But since the fanficition won't be AS THRILLING, I will try my best and put the curse words where they're needed. Thank you for your patience.

Robin3434 Robin3434 Mar 27
You know randome fact, min means in norweigan mine or my so it sounds like mr.mine to me sometimes X3
SugaChimOuO SugaChimOuO Feb 18
Reminds me of them and lamb skewers when yoongi has 90% of the share and jungkook is the manager with good looks