Suicide Squad Preference Book

Suicide Squad Preference Book

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Em By bookwormwolf Updated Mar 19, 2017


El Diablo
Captain Boomerang
Rick Flag
Harley Quinn

If you want, feel free to request a preference. I haven't added Killer Croc but if I get asked to I will down the line.

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Doctor_Duck Doctor_Duck Apr 23, 2017
I thought this was real not fan fiction with the characters having some powers
Fans_in_the_dark15 Fans_in_the_dark15 Aug 21, 2017
So my power is that I drain peoples life and energy and my job just happened to be a teacher? Coincidence I think not!!!!
1-Nova-1 1-Nova-1 Sep 02, 2017
This whole time author i thought that your profile picture was a panda😂😂
-poseidons -poseidons Sep 02, 2016
Why do I think she looks like Black Widow and Scarlet Witch's daughter?
                              I have a problem...😂
-poseidons -poseidons Sep 02, 2016
I thought I was the only one who uses Dolldivine for making superheroes😂
Lowkeyy_life Lowkeyy_life Jan 04, 2017
Have you seen the movie??? Because they don't have powers and joker, dead shoot, Rick flag,caption boomerang and El Dilbio