Colors - Vkook

Colors - Vkook

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*Chokes on holy water* By slut_for_taehyung Updated May 16

"Wow, Daddy! I never knew you were this good at art!"

"Yeah. Pretty cool right, baby?"


Smut everywhere XD

Credits to @hwayeonni_ for da cover

You are he's  lost love but now you've  been found  *insert  lenny face*
vioIating vioIating May 23
i'd be that one visitor in the cafe recording it all with my face smushed against the window.
-jjkth -jjkth Jan 15
Yes! Top Kook is lifeu!! 
                              Like JungKook is more muscular & rule his hyung these day.... & Taehyung (in my opinion) have that cute baby tummy😍😍😂😂😂
yixingiexo yixingiexo Aug 27, 2016
*dies* I'm so late
                              I'm ashamed of myself oml I'm sorry bby 😭