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~ By youcancallmeaka Completed

Highest ranking -  #7 in Short story 
  Rapunzel Waters thought life was going to be all well when she finally got adopted at the age of 16 after losing all hope. However, life takes a turn when a guy named "Jack " starts bullying her. 

Tired from all the adominable things happening in her life Rapunzel starts thinking about ending it. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Zayn enters as a transfer student, her thought about life changes 

Sip on your coffee as you read the despairing yet anticipating tale of Rapunzel written on the pages of her diary. 

XalouetteX XalouetteX Oct 15, 2016
                              ooh so this is a diary entry. from the tone this entry is written, i can assume that this is from a somewhat young girl who's quite optimistic and naive.  this will be something interesting to read as i believe that we will be able to see her growing maturity throughout the chapters.
hajrah99 hajrah99 Sep 02, 2016
Very well said👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
_lmxx107 _lmxx107 Dec 13, 2016
This is sad because she's so excited and you just know she's going to get bullied 😰😰
Siyalee Siyalee Nov 04, 2016
                              The story is in diary form, that's nice. :) I like that you chose to write on bullying. Bullying is wrong and many be some people will become sensible enough to stop it. 
                              Good luck!
_brebabe_ _brebabe_ Sep 15, 2016
                              I like how you started this as a journal entry since that makes it more personal, though I would suggest adding details and descriptions too. Also do t use ellipses so much bc it looks choppy. However, this book seems really hopeful😃 I like it
Thank you, bullying isn't as great as some people make it out to be. It really hurts