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My name represents a princess Rapunzel... I always thought I was just like her but you made me believe I was not..  My long hair were not beautiful they were made for pulling  ... I thought you'll be the Eugene in my life but you turned out to be Gothel... I am Rapunzel Waters and this is my diary

A/N -  If you are like... "OMG! So many chapters" This is to inform you that these chapters are very small... It won't take you even 1 min to read one...

                              ooh so this is a diary entry. from the tone this entry is written, i can assume that this is from a somewhat young girl who's quite optimistic and naive.  this will be something interesting to read as i believe that we will be able to see her growing maturity throughout the chapters.
Its not that easy for some people to tell the bully to stop. It hardly even happens where the person tells the bully yo stop. Sane with telling someone some people just dont tell.
hajrah99 hajrah99 Sep 02
Very well said👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Siyalee Siyalee Nov 04
                              The story is in diary form, that's nice. :) I like that you chose to write on bullying. Bullying is wrong and many be some people will become sensible enough to stop it. 
                              Good luck!
_brebear_ _brebear_ Sep 15
                              I like how you started this as a journal entry since that makes it more personal, though I would suggest adding details and descriptions too. Also do t use ellipses so much bc it looks choppy. However, this book seems really hopeful😃 I like it