The Trinity of Magic (Book 2 of the Trinity series)

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Now that Caley has graduated from Trinity High, her and her friends are off to University. As they all move onto a higher education in magic, Caley finds herself moving onto something bigger: the truth about who her mother was. Caley will learn the secrets of the past and will have to make a decision that will decide her fate. Should she trust the people who want to protect the innocence? Or should she join forces with the people that have the answers to all of her questions? Join Caley as she discovers what the true Trinity of Magic is.
smh.... sooooo the third and last of the existing aguamenti finally arrives... lol
This was a really good first scene! And chad michael murray as gerrard? AWESOME...*squealing and fangirling*. This chapter was perfect!! :-)
Iiiiiii think it's one of the guys in caley's dream of her mother...
I think this was amazing for the first scene!  You reminded us of where we left off at the beginning, then a little action, and then soon we are going to find out about her mom! Awesoooooome
I want to say that that's her father's love child..... blue-GRAY eyes... maybe they put him up for adoption
Because that's what everyone thinks when they see their attackerok