The NERD is the Mafia Empress[[COMPLETE]]

The NERD is the Mafia Empress[[COMPLETE]]

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[Book 1] {Revising Soon}

She's an Empress. She's a demon. She kills whoever crosses her path. In her whole existence, she's been with the darkness. Her whole life she carried too much burden, the pain, the misery, the emptiness and the eagerness to have the justice she had been longing and to know the truth behind of all the lies. And she will do everything, whatever it takes.

Pero ang isang Empress na katulad niya, ang babaeng kinakatakutan sa buong mundo ay, MAGIGING ISANG NERD? Nerd na binubully, na minamaliit, na tinatapaktapakan lang. But she will take the risk to fullfil for the justice and the truth. 

But as her journey goes farther, many things had changed, and she herself eventually changed too.

As the truth behind the lies will be cleared, and their past, where all of this started, will be revealed. 

Chaos will go further until everything seems so completely tied up!

Will she handle to take all of these?

⚠WARNING: Foul words, typographical errors, grammatical errors, ahead!
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Date Started: August 25, 2016
Date Finished: December 22, 2016

DC1605 DC1605 Mar 10
So glad this story is not a let down. Buti di siya katulad nung ibang stories na pilit na pilit yung english at convos. Allelujah!
anndiyosa anndiyosa 5 days ago
OMG Si Bogum Nampyeon ko kasama sa characters. Wala na sya na agad mahal ko. Hahaha
Ngayon lang ako nakabasa ng english ng di ko masyado na gets :( pa-turo author ❤
QueenVvvV QueenVvvV Mar 11
Jinn? si eommaaa jin? jusq sige tuloy na kayo sa pagbasa masyadong naaadik lang ako sa bts HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH
yaaaaay action agad 1st chapter plang. .......exciting story
Ang haba ng name aa. Wala pa siguro jan ang Middle name niya. Anu po pala Middle name niya otor?