Golden For You - Adopted by Goldie - (FNAF Fanfic)

Golden For You - Adopted by Goldie - (FNAF Fanfic)

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RandomGayFurry By RandomGayFurry Updated Nov 13, 2016

Mark is just an average 12 year old boy, well if your parents dieing in a car crash, when he was only 2 is normal (cliche...) He hates his life, his few friends don't talk to him much, since they have their own problems and he is depressed. One day when a phone call asked to adopt Mark, his life changed in an instant and before he knows it, well I don't wanna spoil it for you ^-^

I luv Goldie, he is my fav animatronic, and if I could get adopted by anyone, it would be Goldie. Also this story ain't linked to my other one, cause that would be weird and awkward.

Also the pizzeria is a mix of FNAF 1+2 and a few parts added so it's different.

Idk if I ship Gark or Moldie it's up to you guys, I will add at least one ship *cough cough* Fangle *cough cough*

Also I'm trying to write 2 other books and I can't decide which one to finish first, the one with the most votes/views will be finished first

Also the cover for this book was made by someone called InkyBlackKnight. Uh, idk if you will ever see this but thanks so much!

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Infinabonnie Infinabonnie Sep 19, 2016
Maybe this story, maybe a different one, but... 
                              SHIP GOLDEN AND MARK
- - Nov 04, 2016
;~; whelp. Its ok. I never cared for them either, they were lucky I left or they would've all died one by one in their sleep =)