Golden For You - Adopted by Goldie - (FNAF Fanfic)

Golden For You - Adopted by Goldie - (FNAF Fanfic)

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Bonfireeeeee By BonfireTheDragon Updated Nov 13, 2016

Mark is just an average 12 year old boy, well if your parents dieing in a car crash, when he was only 2 is normal (cliche...) He hates his life, his few friends don't talk to him much, since they have their own problems and he is depressed. One day when a phone call asked to adopt Mark, his life changed in an instant and before he knows it, well I don't wanna spoil it for you ^-^

I luv Goldie, he is my fav animatronic, and if I could get adopted by anyone, it would be Goldie. Also this story ain't linked to my other one, cause that would be weird and awkward.

Also the pizzeria is a mix of FNAF 1+2 and a few parts added so it's different.

Idk if I ship Gark or Moldie it's up to you guys, I will add at least one ship *cough cough* Fangle *cough cough*

Also I'm trying to write 2 other books and I can't decide which one to finish first, the one with the most votes/views will be finished first

Also the cover for this book was made by someone called InkyBlackKnight. Uh, idk if you will ever see this but thanks so much!

Infinabonnie Infinabonnie Sep 19, 2016
Maybe this story, maybe a different one, but... 
                              SHIP GOLDEN AND MARK
- - Nov 04, 2016
;~; whelp. Its ok. I never cared for them either, they were lucky I left or they would've all died one by one in their sleep =)