Corybantic Bovine

Corybantic Bovine

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Exception2ThaRule By StorieStone Updated 2 days ago

If I told you the beast was in your area & he could give you everything your heart desired, would you believe me? 

"Shit just got too good, too fast and I couldn't stop it fast enough but if I had the option I would still do shit my way, the right way" 

-Tommie Myana Ivy is the Corybantic Bovine.

biiiiiiiiiittttttttcccccchhhhh u done stole my damn life and here we have it storiestone with " another one" lmao
 #LeavingTonight 😍 That's my shít. (I def just had to remind myself that was NeYo and JHud not Usher 😒😂😂)
My new replacement word for 'boss'. Now I just need to look up the correct pronunciation so I'm not walking around looking like a dumb ašs 😂
MeOverYou MeOverYou Sep 27
i always say how it's easier for immigrants to come to America and make a living than it is for blacks born here smh
I'm def reading this. My mom Amrezy in the building 😍😍😍
But how many women are named Tommie... 😐 Calm down woman. It's not that deep😂