Book 3 (Vampire) - The Princess & Her Queen (GirlxGirl) (COMPLETED)

Book 3 (Vampire) - The Princess & Her Queen (GirlxGirl) (COMPLETED)

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THIS IS THE THIRD BOOK FOR (The Princess's Bride)

Years had passed. Violeta now a fully grown vampire with unimaginable strength after being trained by Satan himself. Because of the contract she made with the devil, she have to be his slaves for some amount of time before she will be a free vampire. 

Satan specific order before Violeta will be grant with her wish to meet her family was to steal from the realms most heavily guarded palace after the Akeldama's palace, The Constantine Palace.  

As she was wandering around the lonely darkness of the Constantine ground, she was capture by the Queen's guard dog and was dragged to meet the Queen in person. Ivory, the Queen was furious and baffled that there's a creature who dares to appose her. 

Ivory watched as her dogs beat the undead life out of the daring thief and was surprise when Violeta looked up to the majesty.


What to know more?

Read to find out. 



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Dukongs Dukongs Sep 01
Can there be "LET THERE BE CHOCOLATE RAIN!" That'd be awesome
Oh lord just what we need a crazy powerful queen that shows now mercy and is feared by all including Satan that can control mother nature, I'll just start digging peoples graves now that flirt with violeta -.-
Ashantiiy Ashantiiy May 05
Ohh yeahh violeta u lucky basterd, now for me let there be CHOCOLATE ........ no?? Menn come on need some here
Dukongs Dukongs Sep 01
I have a weird love hate relationship with Satan, I love how amazingly funny he is and how he isn't that horrible of a devil, but I hate how he always twist things around and I am confused if he a bad guy or nah.
Dukongs Dukongs Sep 01
Imagine a person just walking and a flying dildo just flies from the sky above them. 😂😂😂
Ashantiiy Ashantiiy May 05
U know what i bet satan knew. That queen ivory is violeta's mate i really betya