The End of Days and Everything After

The End of Days and Everything After

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Gushi By ohmybears Updated Dec 18, 2016

The world ended. Except it didn't.

A magic apocalypse nearly destroyed the world, but the time for panicking about that has gone and passed. Instead, Aella Foley has other things to worry about--vengeful blood dealers who want nothing but to drain her dry, dead people who want her to make them a lot less dead, and three relentless strangers looking for a travel buddy. Hopefully she won't screw any of this up.

Also die. Hopefully she won't die.

Amazing cover by @fallingtide

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OwlHighking OwlHighking Oct 12, 2017
This entire prologue (not only what is highlighted) was very well done my friend. 👏🏾👏🏾
Luna7890 Luna7890 Nov 04, 2016
                              Ok first of all damn that is a great introduction. I'm not really into all that magic type of genre or afterlife things but you caught my attention. I really didn't find any errors and wow I just can't find anything bad about it. It's amazing start can't wait to read the next chapters.
LaiaLK LaiaLK Nov 10, 2016
Kinda like a huge earthquake in a way. If pent up energy isn't released with smaller ones then... 💣
                              OMG I'm loving this.
Shreya_The_Best_1602 Shreya_The_Best_1602 Oct 27, 2016
The start is really good. And the magic part seriously got me.
                              The plot sounds really interesting, and there were absolutely no grammatical errors!
                              The length seems perfect.
                              Amazing job!
LaiaLK LaiaLK Nov 10, 2016
It isn't confusing in the least. Never ONCE did I thought it was an info dump. So AMAZING job on that. You also, managed to immediately win me over. :D
roseofhope roseofhope Nov 19, 2016
This is an amazing prologue. It was hooking from the start, and it flowed perfectly. It wasn't boring or confusing or anything. And I loved the last line, it seems very interesting indeed :)