"Opposites Attract" || Zane~Chan || (ON HOLD)

"Opposites Attract" || Zane~Chan || (ON HOLD)

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B̸u̶g̸ By _XxBuggsxX_ Updated Oct 02, 2016

Sometimes opposites Attract, and find out they're not as opposite as they thought.... 

Kawaii~Chan. Well know as KC. She's one of the most popular girls in school, but she's sweet, caring, Very kind. Unlike most people... 

Zane Ro'meave. The nerd. He's Shy, A loner, Stubborn. 'Evil' I'm some ways. But He gets bullied a lot... He's shorter than most guys, names like shorty, are used against him. 

But that happened when the popular girl and the nerdy boy cross paths?

(Horrible at descriptions TBH)

Kawaii_Chan441 Kawaii_Chan441 Dec 04, 2016
I'm 12, 5' 2" but hasn't even gone through puberty yet. Yet again, my brother is 8 and only 4'
Garmaugirl439 Garmaugirl439 Nov 17, 2016
He's 16 he can walk!
                              Yeah mom 'I'm sixteen I can walk'. 
                              who gets that?
Dchhha Dchhha Nov 26, 2016
Zane-chan Zane is a girl but comeon chan is a female honorific so by saying zane-chan your saying zane is a girl
I just go straight for that big red totally not obvious red button that says OTPFORLYFE
JaneAnnebeth JaneAnnebeth Nov 30, 2016
Hey at least you can use glasses if I use them I'll get double vision and that is worse than being blind 😞
Rusted_wolf Rusted_wolf Jan 10
I think my friends pushed the big red button that said 'OTP ship' when I was at a sleepover cause I would talk to one girl the most because we were a lot alike it got annoying😑😑😑😑😑😑