Slave - Septiplier

Slave - Septiplier

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Slavery has been legal for nearly three decades by the time a 27 year old Mark becomes truly affected by it. Never once did he think he'd have to face their suffering, trying to turn a blind eye, though knowing some of his own viewers on YouTube were slaves themselves. He wanted to reach out to them, but knew he couldn't in risk of getting in trouble with the first class citizens who could afford slaves.

A rich man has been eyeing the land Mark's home is located and offers a dinner invite to discuss what he could to in order to purchase the land. Mark's heart shatters as he witnesses the terrible abuse the rich man's slave suffers. What could he possibly do to save this one slave who has captured his attention? 

[Word count - 37,370]
[Ch. 28 contains lemons]
[AU - Contains physical, verbal, and sexual abuse]

Dan, I think your boyfriend is in the wrong fanfiction, again.
Phil x house plants x Jack.... 🤔 sounds like some goood smut😏😏😏 more like lemon😂😏 *wiggles eyebrow* ... I'm not sorry😂...
Poor Jack is always the damsel I want a fic where Mark is the damsel and Jack saves the day
Well mark is mark and doesn't realize jack is another name for John,and Shaun is Irish for John. Or something.
anSDTVfan anSDTVfan Jan 12
Lol, Shane Dawson with his "Mark-ee-plier"  and his 'new loud friend, which is like her thing'