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We live together {rp with my o.cs and yours }

We live together {rp with my o.cs and yours }

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My LiFe My RuLeS By youtubershipper Updated 5 days ago

Come on and rp in this book

Name: Tali
                              Nickname: Glitch
                              Gender: female
                              Looks: dark waist length hair, dyed red at tips, dark brown eyes.
                              Hobbies: running, making things.
                              Weapons: carries a silver dagger
                              Likes: music and darkness
                              Dislikes: people who get in her way.
                              Personality: too honest, smart and quiet.
Trina Abrams
                              Tinky or tink
                              long neon blue hair with brown roots, blue eyes
                              Likes to color , read, and watch anime
                              Knife and a pistol
                              Likes-To watch anime, darkness, nightcore music
                              Dislikes-people who are annoying
                              Personality-lazy, weaboo (likes anime stuff), and cheerful
im_masky im_masky Mar 16
Name: Anna claw 
                              Nick name ; Ann 
                              Gender: female 
                              Looks white hair with frosty blue eyes and a gray hoodie with jeans and purple  shoes 
                              Hobbies:  gaming  drawing 
                              Weapon: a knife 
                              Likes: wolfs minecraft drawing 
                               Dislikes; her mom 
                              Friends: none 
                              Sexually: straight 
                              Personally: shy  nice sweet
kiro_yama kiro_yama Mar 08
name:toby pricefield 
                              looks:profile pic ((hes a dragon human hope thats ok
                              hoobies:flying, running and video games
                              weapon:fire breath
                              likes: movies and video games 
                              dislikes: bullies 
                              friends: is a loner
                              sexuality: straight
                              personality:goofy and a perv
- - Mar 19
Name: Aria
                              nickname: Ar
                              gender: Female
                              looks: short brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, big burgundy hoodie with black jeans
                              hobbies: dancing
                              likes: dancing and music
                              dislikes: bad people
                              friends: her boyfriend Alex
                              sexuality: straight
                              personality: shy,kind, sweet
Romwolf Romwolf Mar 10
                              (Tigi because it's pretty short)
                              May I tag for looks and personality?
                              Hobbies: writing music, drawing, having some fun.
                              Her powers to shape shift
                              Likes music and art and males.
                              People who get her annoyed.
                              She is straight