Soulmates (A Human!AU: USUK - Hetalia FanFiction)

Soulmates (A Human!AU: USUK - Hetalia FanFiction)

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In the year 2025, the world has finally found a state of peace - after making many pacts with the magical 'other side'.

One of those pacts being, choosing a soulmate at birth.

Everyone deserves to have a soulmate, and everyone deserves to find one.

The Other Side has made that job simpler, by giving every newborn child a special necklace, with a very special stone.

This stone shapes to your personality, and changes along as you do. It changes colors to your mood.

And best of all - it warms when you're near your soulmate. And when that person is finally near you, it grows so hot. It wants to burst into flames .


Arthur Kirkland is used to being alone - he best friend Kiku Honda having moved to America. After a year of video chats, and phone calls - Kiku finally finds a place for Arthur to stay in America. The Brit jumps towards the opportunity - surprising and annoyed with his American flat mate.
But, when Arthur's stone starts to act strange around said America - Arthur realizes that he is going to get more than he bargained for.

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I want to vote for the story but I can't bring myself too, even though it's amazing.  *sadness*
AmericanIdiot106 AmericanIdiot106 Dec 07, 2017
Tsundere Tomato and Booty Bitch. Yes please. HmmmmmMmmmmmHmmmmm Yummy
Rory-Kirkland Rory-Kirkland Mar 16, 2017
XD lol i can just imagin this 
                              england doing a jump shot with a crumpled piece of paper
Kite-Runner Kite-Runner Jun 18, 2017
Bruh, having an OTP is being in a relationship with a relationship
This is me and one of my friends XD she calls me a goat and I call her a cow lol
Rory-Kirkland Rory-Kirkland Mar 16, 2017
i wish this was real 
                              cause with how things are going right now for me i'm going to end up forever alone 
                              ;-; i'm a looser