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kings WILL do such things

kings WILL do such things

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Mother of Tyler By JoseTheMinecat Updated Apr 16

Fear is the strongest emotion, other than love.

This society is run by fear.

Adam knows that very well.

His father does too. But he thinks of it differently. He fires up the endless discrimination towards Hybrids and Sorcerers. He exploits it and uses the past wars to scare people into hating those two groups. Everything is for the benefit of the country, he says. Hybrids and Sorcerers are monsters, he says.

Adam knows otherwise.

After Adam, the king of the largest country in the land of Beskiyle, gets married, he craves to get away. To run from the horrible, discriminating country he supposedly "rules."

And when a mysterious foreign man shows up, accompanied by strange fires lit by a bright blue flame, he gets his chance.

Lolipochop Lolipochop Mar 17
Ok so Mitch is that kind of person, brilliant, let's see how this goes
WaffleToasted WaffleToasted Aug 27, 2016
i am officially in love with this story. i love this so much. ;-;
Hallo_Kattay Hallo_Kattay Nov 10, 2016
*is in awe*
                              You do realize this is literally what Tolkien did when he was discovering middle-earth.
                              ',: )