Plush Love

Plush Love

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N. T. Norman By spicy_sweets Completed

For Elizabeth, dreams are where she can live out her biggest wish; being the princess of a world with all of her stuffed animals. There, she's respected and constantly showered in love and praise by her fluffy subjects.

But in reality, she only puts fear into their cotton-filled hearts. After being ripped apart and sown back together so many times, it's no wonder why the deformed plushies' angry souls won't rest until they return the favor.

cover by @hxrmonize-

Hi, I'm the judge for your book. So far it's really good! Good luck!
ApplesAreAwesome1800 ApplesAreAwesome1800 Sep 11, 2016
This is actually very good, in the stranger sense of the word.
Oh my goodness this girl is so mean and creepy! I really like this story so far.
Regular_Guy Regular_Guy Sep 04, 2016
Read the blurb, and it went from 0 to 100 real quick. Killer stuffed animals?? XD That's something you don't see every day.