The Stars in Her Eyes (PDH X Reader)

The Stars in Her Eyes (PDH X Reader)

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HIATUS By celynetch Updated Nov 10, 2017


You got tired of how your parents ignored you and payed more attention to their work. Solution: Move in with your older brother, Aaron, and leave your old life. Y/N Liekin is your name, you will experience friendship, love, heartbreak, humor, betrayal and gloominess. I believe in you!

I do not own any of the characters, just the writing and the ideas that Aphmau did not use in her videos.

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psyco-chan psyco-chan Feb 14
Instead of anime i want it to be Bts posters cause then when Aaron comes in the room he'll be like
                              Aaron:.... What the fluf?
                              Sorry you can never get rid of my Army side and allso i'm making the wood Birch because Jason/Aaron hates birch and i wanna annoy him because of it
SoloZubZero SoloZubZero Sep 04, 2017
isnt Y/N suppost to have warewolf class too? ya know cuz aaron's a warewolf and his whole family are warewolves
Vylad? Is that you? Oh wait, nevermind. Vylad went to O’Khasis Prep (Did I spell it correctly, or is it O’Khakis Prep?)
Ashmynix Ashmynix Jan 21
                              Me: YES I DO KNOW DA WAE
                              (lol don't kill meh plz)
                              Isn't it supposed to be Aaron's last name?
                              Violet to light pink to light blue (basically a galaxy)
psyco-chan psyco-chan Feb 14
UUUUUUGGGGGGHHH I WANTED FORGEING LAGUAGES!!! So i can finnaly learn japanese, taglog and korean but a girl can only dream