His Return |Bucky Barnes Daughter Story|

His Return |Bucky Barnes Daughter Story|

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"You should tie your hair back." A little girl with pitch black hair says to the Winter Soldier. She had a long sleeve t-shirt on and shorts. He stares down at her a bit startled on the inside but remains silent. 

She continues, undeterred. "Mommy would say that we need to have hair our hair tied back or we'll trip over things we can't see. She made me wear these-" She displayed her wrist, which is encircled by a rainbow of different colored hair bands. "-because mine would keep falling out. You can't fight evil if u can't see it. I wanna be a superhero when I grow up. I wanna be like..."

She trails off, her blue eyes steadily getting bigger. They dart to the identical image of James Buchanan Barnes, then back to his face. 

The Winter Soldier's eyes dart too, over the exits and the crowd before landing back on the girls face. An improbable grin began to grow on the girls face.

"I knew it." She whispers in disbelief. 

The Winter Soldier blinks down at her, thrown off by the delight in her expression. No one is ever happy to see the Soldier.

The girl reins in her wide grin and does her own scan of the crowd. "Don't worry, I won't tell. People can't handle the truth. But I can." She turns her shining eyes back to the Soldier.

Slowly, very slowly, the Soldier reaches out with hands that have broken, maimed, strangled, shot, stabbed, and ripped apart human flesh. His voice creaks out of him, rusty with disguise...


Creds to @Bonitarogue for the awesome cover!

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