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Grey [Under editing for publication]

Grey [Under editing for publication]

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Grey Inspired By autumnskiess Updated 5 days ago

Highest Rank: #24 in Mystery/Thriller
  Elizabeth Sanchez is no stranger to a whip or beating. She was raised in a religious household with no tolerance for sin or vanity. When her abusive parents catch her sneaking out to a party, Elizabeth's fate is already sealed. 
  Forced to enroll at Cross Academy, a secluded community of Catholics and brainwashed prisoners run by a psychotic Pastor, Elizabeth soon realizes that the Academy isn't an Academy at all-but a cult. 
  As she fights to be unshackled from the cult's mind-controlling ways, Elizabeth finds herself caught between exposing a terrifying conspiracy that sees member after member disappearing from the cult forever, or saving the people she cares about from a worse fate that is always around the corner. 
  For Elizabeth, the mystery is just the beginning.
  This is her story. 
     ~Inspired By True Events~
      @ImmunteToLife - "You're really talented, I swear. The way you make me (or us readers) feel like we're in the same room as them! good work!
       @makeuplover_007 - "My mouth is literally hanging open."
      @youcancallmeaka - "This is getting intense now!"
      @VintageVivien - I'm literally in a pool of my own tears - Stop making me cry!!"
       @nature_blitz - "Iam not easily impressed, but upon reading GREY, this I can say. You have a gift of being a great story teller and a really good writer. keep it up."

Jey_Nathan Jey_Nathan Apr 21
                              You're right about mystery and triller being about murders tho
- - Jan 04
Yes. Very long note indeed. Makes one wonder about this cases in real life.
JettaFrame JettaFrame Sep 05, 2016
Also, the blurb. I recommend including an excerpt from your book that is haunting, and a shorter idea of the themes in your book. Being blatantly honest, the first three paragraphs of the blurb held my interest, and then after that I started drifting off. Recommend shorter
I can alread feel this is going to be intresting, I have little knowledge of these things so both educational and eye opening. Glad you warn the reader what they are in for.
november111971 november111971 Dec 16, 2016
What is your full writers name please so I can read your other stories.
Oliver8 Oliver8 Sep 22, 2016
That's a truly beautiful quote. It works quite well with the title.