Angel  ** Destiel AU **

Angel ** Destiel AU **

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Smol_Satan By Smol_Satan Updated Dec 08, 2016

"hello dean"

"hello angel"


Castiel Novak is depressed. 

Dean Winchester is furious.

They both see themselves as so flawed, so broken and when they meet.... So different. But despite their looks, they're more similar than they think. Cas doesn't understand why bad boy heart throb dean Winchester wants anything to do with dorky old him. And dean doesn't know why cas won't let him in.

They're a perfect match.. but things prove difficult when dean finds himself wanting to protect cas and for some reason cas attracts danger like a moth to a flame...Perhaps it's because both of them are keeping secrets and lying about who or what, they really are.

I'm bad at blurbs, I promise the story will be better 

A destiel AU fanfic

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Fuck_Me_In_The_Feels Fuck_Me_In_The_Feels Sep 30, 2016
Is this set when Sam was still shorter than Dean? Because I can assure you that Dean is not taller
Warriorwitchusachan Warriorwitchusachan Oct 15, 2016
Blue flower black thorns. Blue flower black thorns. Blue black thorns. This would be so much easier if I wasn't color blind!
FenTheEvilGenius FenTheEvilGenius Feb 19, 2017
Put on a scale of one to ten, one being nothing, and ten being bender from the breakfast club
KittyHazelnut KittyHazelnut Oct 22, 2016
I'm more of the person that writes a whole lot and still wonders why I though I could write because I don't even know what the hell it says