Silver Crown (Red Queen 3 Fan Fiction)

Silver Crown (Red Queen 3 Fan Fiction)

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Gene Lee By GeneLee0903 Updated Oct 28

This my version (fan fiction) of RQ3, King's Cage. All characters belong to Victoria Aveyard (NOT me) 

The story picks up right at where Glass Sword left off. 

Mare finds herself once again back in the reigns of her once betrothed, King Maven. Branded as Norta's Most Wanted Criminal, Mare Barrow only finds herself in yet another endless game of lies, treachery, deception and betrayal.

*claps furiously* 
                              I'm actually ashamed right now, this is sooo much better than mine. 🙃
Asewhj Asewhj Oct 08
I know that Julian, Sara, Lucas and Cal are exceptions but MOST silvers aren't innocent so don't you dare feel bad, Mare bear.