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the walking dead rp

the walking dead rp

5.8K Reads 88 Votes 13 Part Story
a Fuck up By bethlygrimes Updated Dec 25, 2016

Highest ranking #545

North55 North55 Nov 13, 2016
Name : North 
                              Gender : Male
                              Weapon : a double bladed sword, smg, Hatchet, Sledge Saw, minigun
                              Age : 25
                              Sexuality : Straight
                              Looks : Tan, White hair, Golden eyes, and wears power armor
                              Personality : Laid back, Funny, Relaxed, Nice
sonofcoal sonofcoal Nov 04, 2016
One problem-What if our times are different? Is this Eastern Standards time or...?
canned-pineapples canned-pineapples Dec 26, 2016
Actually, no matter how much I love Carl/Chandler and think he is extremely attractive, disregard my character having a crush on him. I just read your later chapter about that and decided there is no point in it if everyone else likes him as well.
dillmaaan123 dillmaaan123 Nov 13, 2016
Name: Clinton
                              Gender: Male
                              Weapon: Shotgun, Knife
                              Age: 20
                              Sexuality: Straight
                              Looks: Dark Skin, Short black hair, shredded clothes
                              Personality: Talkative and Concerning
sonofcoal sonofcoal Nov 11, 2016
Name: Dean
                              Gender: Male
                              Weapon: A katana! Cuz why not!
                              Age: 26
                              Looks: Dean Winchester...
                              Personality: Prideful, depressed, I am bad at finding adjectives to describe him, so yes.
Andy_KingCandy Andy_KingCandy Nov 09, 2016
Name: Mason
                              Gender: male
                              Weapon: scissors
                              Age: 4
                              Looks: Zachary Mabry
                              Personality: quiet, shy, nice, smart, protective