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Do You Trust Me...? An Individual RP

Do You Trust Me...? An Individual RP

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ȏṅє ṃѧṅ ċѧṅ ċһѧṅɢє ṭһє wȏяʟԀ. By ___Soldier___ Updated 6 days ago

I wanted to start fresh so here I am..with this new RP..hoping that it would become bigger than the last one was

Enderlox_Girl_01 Enderlox_Girl_01 Sep 10, 2016
Name: Ender
                              Age: 16
                              Gender: Female
                              Likes: Almost Everything
                              Dislikes: Bullies, Life
                              Sexuality: Bisexual
                              Turn Ons: Anything
                              Turn Offs: Nothing
                              Looks: Profile Picture but with a black hoodie on
                              Species: Neko/Sorceress
Wolfkami_Arethos Wolfkami_Arethos Nov 27, 2016
Either cookie dough or rocky road! It's hard to pick between the two!
Optic_Storm Optic_Storm Oct 01, 2016
Honestly, I like all of them. Except sprear mint. I has a spearmint milkshake once. It tasted like toothpaste.
TheCrazyRavenclaw TheCrazyRavenclaw Nov 13, 2016
Vanilla or Turkish Delight (yes, that is an actual ice cream flavour)
rize-chan123 rize-chan123 Sep 11, 2016
Go to my anime high school RP book because in the first chapter has all the information about my character
DominicandSatsuki DominicandSatsuki Nov 07, 2016
                              Food,girls,wolves,sweets,street racing
                              Rapists,bad guys,road hogs, killers
                              Nice,cute,can be mean or even insane,cool,smart
                              Turn on: Anything
                              Turn off: none
                              Species: Saiyan