Never Trust A Fox

Never Trust A Fox

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Desiree Cartrette By DesireeCartrette Updated Apr 22

Stiles is no longer possessed by the nogitsune, he can finally rest easy.. but months pass and the nightmares and hallucinations were starting to make a reappearance, along with experiencing memory loss to an alarming level. By some unknown cause he has become diagnosed with frontotemperal dementia, the same disease that his mother had. Knowing there's no cure, Scott takes desperate measures to try to save his Bestfriend, even if It results in stiles no longer being human again.

-Not finished 
(I will try my best to continue this story)

This is a Teen Wolf fanfic, mainly focused on Stiles. It basically takes place after season 4, & before season 5, though I might add some parts from season 5 but change some things. There isn't any stalia unfortunately.. But Derek will eventually come back later on, so possibly some eventual sterek because why not? But the story isn't focused on it. There'll be some angst, little OOCness, but not really. There are also some spoilers from the past seasons if you haven't watch those already.. 

Tbh this is my first fanfic but it came out better than I thought. Anyway I don't own Teen Wolf or its characters. But enjoy.

Side note:
Frontotemperal dementia: Diverse group of uncommon disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain - the areas generally associated with personality, behavior, and language.
-memory loss
-sleep walking
-night terrors
-changes in personality 
-emotionally distant
-Trouble keeping up with days and time 
-inability to show sympathy
-seizures (in rare cases)

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my_OTPs_are_real my_OTPs_are_real Sep 09, 2017
I also thought he could be like Voldemort's long lost twin😂
Fifi3911 Fifi3911 Apr 10
Maybe grey it could be a new order created by rey and kylo ren(ben solo) its a theory a movie theory
im_penny im_penny Dec 02, 2016
Oh my gosh! This book is amazing and seriously deserves more reads then it has now!