the cleaning lady » baekhyun

the cleaning lady » baekhyun

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a child that's really tall By xxsungjae Completed

❝ Byun Baekhyun, are you actually in love with the cleaning lady? ❞

Where a young idol goes on a rooftop to kill himself, but instead he meets a spunky cleaning lady.

Gorgeous cover made by @kimtaeum
lol, let's do this. i guess i'm writing fanfiction again.
honestly what am i doing with my life.
it's gonna be lit tho.

MeowwMeowww MeowwMeowww 6 days ago
Lmao that poor girl who got roasted  for not liking EXO
                              Honestly I should be mad at the injustice but it's all too funny lmao don't kill me
Am I the only one who actually doesn't like people like her?
baekhoe04 baekhoe04 Sep 09
I LOVE HER PERSONALITY SOO MUCH RN , I cant relate cause im so annoying to my friends LMAOO
iFoxGirl iFoxGirl Sep 06
Well the Maknae of our group loves teasing meh by telling me I like th oppas
Is t just me or does "cleaning lady" totally remind me of the main character from EXO next door??