Hate turns to love>> Calfreezy X reader/ Calfreezy

Hate turns to love>> Calfreezy X reader/ Calfreezy

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You and Cal have known each other since the start of school, but you and him wasn't best friends he was your bully he would always find a way to bring you down and make you feel like crap. After some years went by you dropped out of school because the bullying was too much for you. When you left school you became a YouTuber, your channel became really successful and now you have fifteen million subscribers. You find Cal's channel and you're a huge fan of his even though he did bully you. One day you have to go to a YouTube meeting and guess who you see...
The one and only Calfreezy, he has changed and he is sorry for everything he has done, you forgive him and you two become best friends, but what will happen if you develop feelings for him? Will he feel the same why?

Read to find out 	

(In this story I use the female pronoun so sorry)
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Me: used to and now we'hre best friends and I have so much confidence to the point were I don't care
Omg I just noticed that it was Zoey and Alfie ajxnakkxkakkznamal