A Not So Royal Love (Natsu X Reader) NaRe

A Not So Royal Love (Natsu X Reader) NaRe

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ᴬᴸᴱˣᴵˢ ᴷᴵᴹ By AGKraftyGamer2257 Updated Jul 19, 2017

"I just wish my life, could be my own Fairy Tail. Not one that is already laid out for me ya know?"~y/n

Y/n Marvell
Wendy Marvell
Erza Scarlet 
Lucy Heartifilia 
MiraJane Strauss 
Juvia Lockeser 
Levy McGarden
And many others 
Are required to marry at the age 18.
When it is these princesses 18th birthday, their parents announce to them prince suitors would start visiting.

Natsu Dragneel
Romeo Conbolt 
Jellal Fernandez 
Laxus Dreyar 
Gray Fullbuster 
Gajeel Redfox
They are also required to marry at the age 18, they have to be suitors for the princesses.
But one thing.....


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Tigerlilymiraculous Tigerlilymiraculous May 15, 2017
Ewww.dresses and pink are not my thing. Purple or black hoodies will do
MelloriaJazel MelloriaJazel Jun 16, 2017
By the way author-chan, its king Acnologia not king Acnologica
AnimeLoverMai AnimeLoverMai May 29, 2017
I read this in that man's voice that says the opening thingy
Metalica_Redfox Metalica_Redfox Jun 30, 2017
Your a a great writer author-chan I really like this story so far
wendy_vampire wendy_vampire Jul 19, 2017
Well... this is akward. Is anyone else here that has the same name as me? (Wendy)
-_Littlespirit_- -_Littlespirit_- May 24, 2017
XD everyone's just complaining about not liking pink and I'm like 'meh, sure, I'm okay with that *flips it off*'