The Last Wish

The Last Wish

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greyxowl By greyxowl Updated Apr 22, 2017

"I thought good girls are supposed to like bad boys or something." Luke says with a raised eyebrow. I simply raise both of my eyebrows and let out a nervous laugh. We're walking down the hallway going who knows where, and I turn my head towards him. 

"Who ever said I was a good girl?"
In every high school there are the jocks, the nerds, the populars, the good girls, and the bad boys. Cardelle High is no different. 

Olivia Blake is your ordinary good girl- she gets good grades, always does what she is told, and is a teacher's pet. Now all she has to do is get past her Senior Year.

Luke Haxon is the walking definition of bad boy. He gets in fights, skips class, and somehow manages to get the entire female population at Cardelle High to fall for him with just one look. Well, almost the entire female population. Hence Olivia. 

When their two worlds collide, hatred between them is soon to follow.

Parties, fighting, lying, flirting, - maybe they will need a little luck.

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yasmiineesafii yasmiineesafii Dec 16, 2017
Lmao, Selena Gomez plays Olivia and she doesn't even have a good singing voice.
jayelsell jayelsell Nov 29, 2016
I like it! Honestly. I hope to see the characters evolve more and more!