Cover Shop 2 | closed

Cover Shop 2 | closed

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because we all judge a book by it's cover.

second cover shop

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check out cover shop 3 for covers

- - Oct 31
Title: Awakening The Beast
                              Author: ArtsyImperfectionist
                              Genre: Werewolf
                              Type: Simple
                              Ideas: Can it be black and white
                              Fonts: Surprise me!
                              Mood: Dark, Mysterious
If you can't make a template for me,it'll be okay. But I'll still want three covers please.
Title: Hacker 
                              Author: MeifwaxMoira
                              Genre: Mystery 
                              Summary: Leila's accounts were hacked and changed password what's she gonna do?
                              Mood: Dark 
                              Font: Digital 
                              Thanks! Ur day best
- - Oct 14
Also can you put the two people much like the one you made Mr Populars Bestfriend.
                              title: Trapped in Me 
                              Author: Shreya_the_best_1602
                              Genre: Science fiction 
                              Type: Simple
                              Ideas : A girl standing straight like a robot, her face shouldn't be visible.
                              Mood : Mysterious, Sad
                              Fonts: THATS UP TO YOU
Rylesmander Rylesmander Oct 22
Title: The Psychotic Beauty
                              Author: Rylesmander
                              Genre: Romance, action
                              Summary: What ever happened to Harley Quinn after Mr. J saved her from Belle Reve Penitentiary?
                              Mood: colorful, crazy
                              Ideas: just pics of Harley Quinn maybe the joker (I have some pics if you need) 
                              Font: any