The Girl In Striped Pyjamas- COMPLETED. (Short Story)

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IAlone By IAlone Completed
A young girl is blinded by what she believes is love. It's a romantic, historical drama that is a play on 'The Boy In Striped Pyjamas' . Not as good as the real book by John Boyne but it's only a fan fiction so, enjoy :)
That was a good book and looking toward reading your other books if you have any
I think it's a really good story but I think that it might need to be a bit longer but I would read it over and over again haha thanks c;
its so sad ): i saw the movie. i havent actually read the book but you are an amazing author. two thumbs up (:
amazing! x I have watched the movie and it is really sad....
I've read and watched 'The boy in the striped pajamas'....It's really sad. Sadder to actually watch it. 
I loved the original, and though I was initially worries that you'd butcher it (no offense), it appears that I had nothing to worry about haha. Great job so far.