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Hidden in the Dark (Jeff The Killer Story)

Hidden in the Dark (Jeff The Killer Story)

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just_jeff_the_killer By just_jeff_the_killer Updated Jun 11

"Alone.That's what you were.A freak,an antisocial weirdo.But you weren't like any other person: you could see,sense what crawls in the dark.Your mind was tortured by the things that lurked in the shadows but somehow... they helped you?They were there when you needed someone to talk with,they barely ever spoke but they did something no one else ever did:they listened. But even the darkest creatures of the world feared one,powerful demon:he went by the name of Jeff ,Jeff the killer who happened in your mirror.
But who exactly was he and what does he have to do with you?"

~Listen up peoplez :sorry to burst out your bubble,but this isn't like any other Jeff the Killer Jeff is portrayed in my own different way,so don't expect cheesy shit .~

Lovex_Doll Lovex_Doll Aug 26, 2016
This happened to me in less than 6 Months... Do I have to worry?? O.O
Stormycat101 Stormycat101 Oct 22, 2016
this is so cool, a jeff the killer fan fiction that isn't normal, i love it already even tho i haven't read it yet XD
AnxiousRoadkill AnxiousRoadkill Aug 26, 2016
so this whole part describes me too? like i thought i was the only one? Also great writing! it inspires me to rewrite my story! :)
SheAreHero SheAreHero Sep 04, 2016
When u said they will make fun of me , u mean the another people or the things
Infinityqueen7 Infinityqueen7 Sep 01, 2016
Okay that's creeping me out because it sounds a lot and I repeat A LOT like me