Phoenix Drop Dimensions

Phoenix Drop Dimensions

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171 in action---1-11-16

They're different,
They're unique,
They're dangerous.
They are; Dimension Jumpers. 
Jessica Aphmau Alexa Phoenix may seem like a normal high-school student, but deep inside, she isn't. She lives with her two roommates; Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan, and she's keeping the biggest secret ever. She would rather stay inside then go out with her friends. She would rather stay inside playing video games and reading fanfiction. 

But one day her friends dragged her outside, and on that specific day, her life turned around. She saw her friends she thought she had lost, forever.

Jess tried to avoid them as much as she could. She just wanted to keep her normal life of being one of the most popular YouTubers. Yet, no one knows it's her. 

Yet sometimes, fate doesn't work out quite the way we want it to.

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_crystallize_ _crystallize_ May 07, 2017
right, someone named jessica aphmau alexa phoenix may seem like a normal student.
Foxeta Foxeta Aug 03, 2017
*looks at video cover*
                              *looks at first 2 sentances* 
                              OMI, IT'S MAD HATTER BY MELANIE MARTINES, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!
Silent_Assassin43762 Silent_Assassin43762 May 19, 2017
it seems a little too fancy for her to wear to just any party like honestly maybe a school dance or something but a party? no i don't think this is right...
SunflowerSmitten SunflowerSmitten Jan 21, 2017
When I'm at parties me and my friends get sugar drunk and than play truth or dare and record the stupidest things ever. 
                              I'm talking to u Luna the flex. Wink wink
Min_Shipper Min_Shipper Nov 05, 2016
I hate going to social events so that's me the whole time at a party
-_GEEKanime_- -_GEEKanime_- Nov 24, 2016
"Some secrets are better left hidden. If one figures out, it can change the person for ever."-Me