A Different Virus - Sanctuary (Book two in a two part series)

A Different Virus - Sanctuary (Book two in a two part series)

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This is the sequel to A Different Virus - Heartfire.  Please read that story first to avoid confusion.  I only made it a two part story since Wattpad would not allow more than 200 chapters.   Link to first book - https://www.wattpad.com/story/82040526-a-different-virus-heartfire-book-one-in-a-two-part

Diane and Laura have traveled far and wide looking for a place where their unusual abilities would be welcomed.  Zombies plagued their journey thus far and still abound.  They have been accepted by Roland and his group of traders.  With changes looming on the horizon, Roland has decided to build a place where anyone is welcome if they can abide by the rules - including those with Heartfire.
Can they build a place of safety and make their dreams a reality?  Can they really make this place a true Sanctuary for anyone trying to live in peace while zombies roam at will?
Is such a place even possible in the world after the collapse? 

This story is copyright and built from my own imagination.
The cover was made by @All_AboutAssymetry. She did a fantastic job!

I intended to create a 30 page short story, but it took on a life of its own and became a 300 page journey.

Gravity012 Gravity012 Sep 05
Hey, i found a movie called 'Dragon Heart: Battle for the Heartfire.' Lol everyone wants the heartfire these days.
libraGuy libraGuy Jul 24
didn't read almost 200 chapters to skip the last chapter,lol
carrt84 carrt84 Jul 18
I loved the first book and can not wait to read the 2nd one!
I'll vote on most chapters... So Im not sure my data will help you and you know the good ones get a comment or question. I am really loving this story. Think how cool a tv series this would make... Bob
Many thanks for putting in so much time to write the story. I like this a lot and its nice and long