Overshadowed sister (twilight fanfiction)

Overshadowed sister (twilight fanfiction)

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For those of you who have older siblings don't ever feel overshadowed by them? That you'll never be as good as them? That secretly your parents loved them more than you....

My name is Daniella August Swan. I'm The Amazing Bella Swan's younger sister by 4 years.

(Sequel coming out soon!!)

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                               Bellas's like drying paint, or watching grass grow... or like a pencil that keeps breaking. She's pointless...
                              I'll go home.
Volleyball is awesome. If I were there I'd still go to it no matter how much Renee trys to drag me away
Yes 😂😂 Thank the lord. I thought Daniella was one of those overprotective sisters who are overprotective on little brats
spicycrumb spicycrumb Aug 24
that's my birthday omg this makes me so happy this rarely ever happens 😂😂
I love volleyball we lost our last game because it was way to close to the out of bounds line and no one knew if it was in or out
Volleyball, you can't juts give up on ur mates! Stupid Renee