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The Three Packs: A Roleplay

The Three Packs: A Roleplay

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ By AnimalLover71 Updated Aug 26, 2016

For a long time, there has been a legendary pack, called by the lowly name of ForestPack. Wolves, dogs and the unruly foxes were in the pack, as they were the three main canines of the forest. But then a fight broke lose, and the fierce wolves declared they were the most powerful of the three.  The foxes hated that statement, saying they were the quickest and most slyest of all canines. The dogs, on the other hand, said the wolves were powerful, and the foxes were quick. The dogs said they should split up for a day, and see how they all survive. Tensions dropped, an three packs formed, WolfPack, DogPack, and Foxpack. The wolves said they ruled the forest, and because of the foxes' cocky nature, they would be the lowest ranking pack... DogPack was in between, the peacekeepers. What side will you choose? Power, Loyalty or Speed?

Be_a_hero Be_a_hero Aug 24, 2016
What if your Oc's a Border collie and they have different colored eyes. Do they still get to have them or do they have to change?
fairy_dustdragon fairy_dustdragon Aug 28, 2016
Has the law against female betas been removed? Because I want to join the fox pack but as a female
BayleeWolf BayleeWolf Sep 10, 2016
I have changing color eyes in real life. (one moment there blue the next green and when I wake up there either hazel or brown XD it's confusing)
TheLeopardOfSnow TheLeopardOfSnow Sep 11, 2016
Hazel =3 but...they kinda switch between almost completely green and completely brown alot of the time. Idk, its kinda weird. But i like it :3
-OwlFeather- -OwlFeather- Aug 25, 2016
Eye colour in real life? If so, green I'm too bored to do it on the form xD