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The Return of Another Sky

The Return of Another Sky

14.7K Reads 169 Votes 7 Part Story
BluePrinceNJM By CaelSin27JJ Updated Jun 09

When Reborn was ordered to train the soon to be Vongola Decimo, he was expecting to see a 'perfect child'. Too bad all he saw was a spoiled brat who deceives people he can use. The longer he stay at the Sawada Household, the more, questions starts too appear. And it all started with the appearance of a certain 'Shitsuge Cielo'. Just who the hell is he? And why does what is the Fiamma Group doing here in Namimori? 


*Chaos! Here we go with another story~! I don't even know if I would/could continue my other ones with all the work piling up in school~! >:'^O ANYWAYS.... KHR is obviously not mine~ if it was it would've been R27 a long time ago!*


Warnings: OOC!Tsuna Multi-Flamed!Tsuna OOC!Reborn [R27, 8059, slight 27xOC]

Why did I think of Ran Mao from black butler when you described her
idiez99 idiez99 Sep 23, 2016
Oh… i started laughing… ( ・∇・) that awkward laugh when u find out somethin u'd never expect to be told…
idiez99 idiez99 Sep 23, 2016
Whenever i see tsu just by itself it makes wanna sing tsukema tsukema tsukemachuke acchi pocchi tsukema tsugete! Tsukema tsukema tsukemachuke kawaii… idk the lyrics all i know is that つけま means fake eyelashes?
OozoraCielo27 OozoraCielo27 Nov 12, 2016
I was just wondering Author-san, but what's up with the letters? Sorry if I ever offended you though.
Meopize Meopize Sep 20, 2016
Im so damn happy for this, I love you and your stories so much *Fangirls* I hope other people will feel this way too once they read something of your work