A Time To Love [COMPLETED]

A Time To Love [COMPLETED]

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Completed on 13.12.16 
*WARNING* I wrote this book when I was 13 it's shit I'll be editing it soon hopefully !! 

"who are you?"  

he says with so much authority laced through his voice, 
I look around but my eyes not meeting with his intimidated by the power and say 

he looks at me like he's studying me whilst doing that his grip loosens I take the opportunity to pull away and run...

Aria has had a bad past which made her not belive in love she moves school and becomes friends  with Lilly but will she be able to love again when she meet this certain guy or will she be able to hide her emotions because of her past.. 

Conor is the bad boy of the school with his group of boys he has a sister which is a quite and good girl, did I mention that he is in a gang which is one of the strongest. Will he like the new girl? Or will he play her..
¦|~Read to find out the adventure which Aria an Connor  go through~|¦


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i know a friend who can edit ur book for u @mia66667 she edits my books